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Linux and Open Source has been my choice of work and passion for last 10+ years. One of my teacher used to say "Linux(Unix) is a way of life" and I am living this for past  10+ years. I believe Linus Torvalds has given this power-packed gift to world.

Unix was meant to be for servers and it had CLI(Command Line Interface) which was difficult for a non-techie person to understand. This is the reason Windows became popular, as it was used by non-techie people due to its GUI.

Linux Torvalds came up with Kernel and community put up nice applications around it and thus Linux(Unix) came to desktops. Red Hat started with Enterprise Support and Ubuntu did a wonderful job of breaking Microsoft's monopoly in desktop market. Over the time many Enterprise Applications e.g. SAP, ORACLE etc been ported to Linux and now there is no look back.

Linux supports virtualization, RAID, Clusters, Cloud, SAN Storage and what not.. you name the technology these days and it is supported by Linux.

I am very happy to be associated with such a Operating System which gives you everything from easiness to security, from CLI to GUI, from standalone machine to most complex servers in the world..


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